I am bipolar and cannot control my stupid mood swings. How can I control the worst of it, jealousy and anger?

So I'm pretty much sure I have BD. That is beside the point and I refuse to take medicine for it. What can I do to control the feelings of jealousy I have towards my friends? I get so angry when they succeed, like finding someone who likes them or getting new friends. I have next to nothing in the way of social-ness, what can I do to calm down and feel happy for them? I feel so guilty. When they get something I have wanted my whole life and deserve it, but I cannot be happy for them it makes me feel like crap. The current problem is she now has a boyfriend. I don't want him, he is not my type. I cannot get one of my own and am so VERY angry about the situation. Please do not suggest that I take medicine. Please do not mention the same cliches about blah blah blah...Thanks for your future help.


Okay, I HAVE been diagnosed and know I have it, maybe I did not clarify well enough.

I have gone to therapy and it does nothing.

I do not wish to take medicine because all the ones I know of for BD cause weight-gain. I cannot afford to gain anymore, I'm already huge.

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    If you truely have bipolar disorder, you will not be able to control the mood swings without medication. You might try meditation or Yoga, that might help a little. There are alternative therapies that might be helpful also, but first you will need to see a psychiatrist to get an accurate diagnosis.

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    My best friend is bipolar and I know she does not mean to treat me this way, but it is really hard to take sometimes. I try to remember she can't help it. But Whew! She said she switched to a different doctor who was more expert in this field and he adjusted her meds and tried some different ones and she is feeling much better now. She has been really calm and nice and has a lot less anxiety. Not all doctors are the same. Do not give up until you find one who really knows about bi-polar disorder. You are a smart and creative person who has a lot to offer the world. If you had cancer or some other problem would you refuse to "take medicine" for it? NO so why are people so freaked out by taking meds for a problem that can totally ruin their life? Stupid!!! Get over it. Help yourself by getting to a good doctor. You CANT control your mood swings if you are bipolar, that is part of the disease!!!! Also, you may not be bipolar, you may have another problem and can be treated and you can lead a normal life and feel good about yourself and have friends. Try to keep an open mind. You can be your own best friend or worst enemy. It is up to you.

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    It sounds like you may have asked this question before and did not like the answers so you are asking again hoping to hear whatever it is you want to hear. First, it is unlikely that you are able to diagnose yourself. Assuming you do suffer from an affective disorder and really do want help the first step would be to see a doctor who can prescribe and advise.

    On the other hand, writing is reported to be a very therapeutic way to release troublesome emotions so you may be onto something already!

    Some people say the emotion underlying anger is fear. Could you possibly be more afraid than angry?

    Hang on and remember feelings won't kill you, thoughts are not illegal but you are always responsible for what actions you choose to take.

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    1. Take him to the doctor for a check up and let the doctor rule out any chemical imbalances 2. Set him down with someone he trusts and let them find out by talking to him if there is any problem going on that he can 't tell you about. Sometimes boys are embarrassed to tell mom if they are being bullied by someone or if they are being touched in the wrong place by someone. 3. Set limits for him and when he goes out of the limits take something away. Be strong and don't be afraid to tell him no. If he throws a fit then take something else away. If he hits you then call the police. They may take him to the police station but if he has to go before a judge for his anger issues, there may be a lot more opportunities for you to get him some psychological help from the state.

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    You are a wonderful person, even though you are dealing with mood swings. Why do I know that you're a good person - because you CARE that you can't be happy for your friend. Just because a wonderful guy did not walk into your life, does not mean you cannot get one. Take your mind off of your friend and concentrate on you - what do you like to do? What makes you happy? Do more of that. Don't think that if you were to have a boyfriend, you would be happy, cause you would not. First, make yourself happy and the man will appear (I promise).

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    I've had bipolar (been diagnosed by a doc and medicated) for over 20 years. You can't diagnose yourself.

    People also shouldn't diagnose others on Yahoo answers, but I have a feeling about you. Look up Borderline Personality Disorder. I think that is a much better fit for the way you describe yourself.

    Good luck

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    It doesn't sound like BP to me it sounds like anger management see a counselor, somewhere along the line you have missed something, there doesn't appear to be any empathy or sympathy just egocentricity, which most people grow out of, it may be that you have a disorder but i don't think you're on the right path with assuming its BP, what you have described doesn't sound in keeping with BP symptoms. As I said I would suggest counseling, possibly anger management certainly you need some sort of assessment to get to the bottom of this and sort yourself out. Good Luck!

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    Bipolar Disorder is a chemical unbalance in your brain, so THERE IS NOTHING else besides medication to help you control your mood swings. You might not like it but that is your reality, if you have been diagnosed already by a Doctor then you should get the treatment you need, believe me....you need the medication..

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    You really should do some homework on the computer and find out more about Bi-Polar and why it makes you feel like you do. Join a support group, find friends with BP. Most of all, you should consider taking medication, it can help you the most with your feelings, I know you don't want to but do some looking on the computer and see what others say about taking meds vs. not taking them.

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    Find a good Dr. and at this point in time is to take meds to control symptoms.Maybe in the future they could do some minor surgery to eliminate the disorder.Hopefully.

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