How can i become more emotional?

I have problem expressing my emotions and my girlfriend (soon to be wife) fills like she is not good enough for me because i don't tell her enough and do not show her enough. I do not know im doin this and love her with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with her. i also feel she deserves somebody that is better then me emotionally and somebody that worships her like she deserves.


I think that adding that i have a problem with talking. I am not a big talker and its probley because i had a big problem with stuttering has i was growing up. i still stutter but i do not think of it is a problem any more. I may do it once or twice a day or sometime more but its not on my mind before i say anything. and yes i do worship her.

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    Do you think, your problem is that you do not feel emotional ? Or, is it that you have problem expressing emotions ? Reading your answer, it looks like its the later. In either case, if it is very important for you, you can consult a therapist that may be able to help.

    At the end, we all need to also understand that everyone is different. Trying to make us what we are not, is not aways going to work. If you two are close, she should be knowing how you feel based on your actions as well as words. Both of you should accept each other for what you are, as is.

    There will be bigger issues in your lives to deal with than this. Hopefully you both will recognize these facts and value the differences as well as the similarities between you.

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    You said that she needs somebody that worships her like she deserves, maybe then it would be good for you to let her go. Or did you mean that you do but you don't know how to show her. Just tell her this. Then learn from how she acts on how to be more emotional. I am not a very emotional person either and this is not the greatest quality to have.

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    It is very simple.

    Sometimes we love someone with all of our heart and we just do not "think" to tell them.

    She deserves YOU.

    Just remember that each day you say two things to her:

    1. I love you

    2. Compliment something about her...her dress, hair, face ect

    That is it...two things everyday.

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    don't it hurts too much. Expressing emotion opens you up to way too much pain.

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