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Web-like stuff on my new fish tank?

Hi, it's been 4 days since I got my 55 gallon tank filled with water.

I have been doing a fishless cycle by adding pure ammonia at 5 ppm. Its been 4 days and i see white web like stuff hanging from my decors..... What is this stuff and is this harmful? Should i get rid of it? Also, there pretty a lot on my decors.

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    Its probably just hair algae or some kind of beard algae. If that's the case then it is harmless. I can't think of what else it could be.

    P.S. Its good to see someone here on Yahoo that actually cycles their tank before adding fish. Just thought I should say that. Keep up the good work!

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    It definately could be some type of algae but it also could be mold. Both are somewhat harmless, but is usually a bi product of something bad. Usually mold appears from an imbalance of other chemicals. I would check EVERYTHING again.






    make sure that everything is in balance and ready for fish. If it is, then it is harmless and the first fish i would add would be a pleco and mollys

    Both plecos and mollies are hearty fish, they arent sensitive to chemical changes and the pleco eats algae and mollys eat mold.

    That should solve your promblem

    Also if you have any live plants, that could be a cause aswell

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    it might be some sort of algea. that is harmeless to only some types of fish/

  • is it old? did u get it out of ur garage or somthing? SPIDER WEBS! lol

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