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CPU problems!?

my dell xp is kinda crappy, it doesnt work as well as it use too. i would try like refreshing it all the time but nothing happenes. its still slow. is there a way to like refreash the WHole computer and like as if it were new. i dont have that disk the ppl talk bout but is there a way when i could still keep some stuff that i want, like Maple Story and like Word, POwerpoint, and PhotoShop??? and some old files?

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    did you try system restore?

    Start-Programs-Accessories-system tools- system restore.

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    Well first I would run several virus scans to make sure all viruses are off your computer. The go to tools/internet options and erase all cookies, browsing history, temp. files on and offline. Then run disk defragmenter, then disk clean up. Reboot your computer and see how the speed is. If it is good again then perform these actions weekly or twice a week to maintain speed. If it is not working properly still then you may need more memory.

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    Working with a slow computer can be time consuming as programs/ applications take a long time to start. This problem is more pronounced in computers which have been used for 6 or more months. More information at

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    It would be best if you just reformat / reinstall your Windows XP.

    It's a lot easier and time efficient than trying to clean it up after viruses, spywares, etc. Besides, reformatting guarantees all those malwares are gone.

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  • Anonymous
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    More memory. You need more RAM.

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