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Ladies - Prada, Vuitton, or Dior for one year dating anniversary?

Need a little help. One year anniversary coming up and I did not forget. Ideas on what's catchy/hot? Who makes the best what?

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    Dior! Believe me, coming from a spoilded girl, nothing makes me happier than getting the newest thing from Christian Dior. Ohh, another AWESOME present is Chanel. They have the cutest purses!!!

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    Well you seem loaded, so if I was you I'd get her a heart necklace from Tiffanys. Or if you are old enough, and really want to, I'd start looking into spending the rest of my life with her. But only if your ready hun, sometimes guys need a lil help, lol. Oh and Prada is so better, Vuitton is icky, i have alot of their bags, and their not very pretty. Dior is cool too.

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    Baby Phat

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    Louis Vuitton hottest right now.

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    DIOR get the dior, go on to the website and check it out. Check E-Bay

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    prada or vuitton (i have a vuitton denim) prada is more serious, vuitton is

    brown and gold- serious

    color- fun

    denim-casual eevery day

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    If I was to choose then I would choose Vuitton

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    How about some quality time? Or is your girlfriend that high maintenance?

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    Designers don't impress me so I can't say from your know her though, get something she'll like...not just something to try to impress her...

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    prada prada prada :)

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