What is the most powerfull Gundam in Gundam Seed & Destiny series?

I think ZGMF-X20A, ZGMF-X19A & ORB-01 are the most powerfull Gundams.

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    Without a doubt Kira's FREEDOM mobile suit.

    If he tries one on one none of the others can beat him.

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    It depends on the pilot and the MS or Gundam.

    Look, take Athrun in a Zaku, he managed to fight on a equal level with Gaia and take the advantage on Chaos. But grunge pilot did nothing. So even if you have the best Gundam, it won't help you if you suck at piloting.

    After you have the batteries. If nuclear then you last longer and thus are more powerfull.

    In Seed the most powerful were Providence and Freedom :

    - Providence for its dragoons which gave him a good advantage on the battlefield and Creuset was a good damn pilot

    - Freedom because of it's high speed and Kira mastering it. The weapons had nothing special.

    In Seed Destiny : for me the most powerful is Shiranui Akatsuki piloted by Neo Loornoke or Mmu la Flaga as you wish. It's 7 dragoons are deadly and can form a shield to protect him, its alloy allows him to reflect beam shots. But it is not nuclear powered.

    After Strike Freedom is quite powerful even more since he got 8 dragoons.

    As for Infinite Justice, it is fast bust agaisnt a Kira in its Strike Freedom, won't have any chance of winning I think.

    Then you can add Legend for dragoons.

    In fact Gundam with dragoons and if nuclear powered have a clear advantage.

    In you take the Astray manga I would add Dreadnaught ( if i'm not mistaken ) who is equiped with a nuclear engine and possessed a Artemis' umbrella to protect him allowing him not to be touch by weapons and to shoot through it.

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    The Strike Freedom, not the freedom, the Strike Freedom is teh upgraded version with the dragoons, and the the gold joints, it is god, nothing can stop it, not even athruns infinte justice. cause kira is the best cooridinator. the akitsu(I think thats what teh gold gundam was called) is good,but it can be easily killed by beam sabers and melee attacks, but Mu is good with it.

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