1997 Neon Coil Fault?

My 97 Neon keeps recording a 43 code, or 351 on an OBDC reader, which is a coil fault. We have changed the coil, checked the wiring harness for shorts, it has new plugs and wires, and the connector from the main harness to the coil was replaced. The car has been run for hours at idle without any sign of the code, but the code will pop up, following a very brief period of rough running, and then the engine seems to run normally. Any ideas on the cause and solution?


The CPS was changed out too.

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    It's been a while since I've messed with Chryslers, but if memory serves me correctly, I remember a TSB (technical service bulletin) that addresses the issue of random or erroneous misfire DTCs being set, if it's equipped with the 2.0L DOHC engine. The fix is to have the PCM re-flashed. Check with your local Chrysler dealer to have them pull the TSB. I also vaguely remember seeing a few Neons arcing to ground with the hood closed, due to the coilpack being situated on top of the rocker cover close to the hood. This condition would obviously more likely occur during damp weather conditions. Hope this helps.

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    i own a repair shop,and i have seen this happen to a few of them,i think what its doing is jumping fire to ground somewhere ,,this trips the code your getting on it..i had one that did this,and it had a small pinch in the wiring harness on it,,barely noticeable to the human eye ,and it wouldn't do it all the time either,,it would run for a few days ,and then give the same trouble code,,its jumping fire somewhere finding it is another story though,,i changed coil packs before and it would stop them from doing this,,Chrysler says the coil pack will jump to ground and do this,,but they can be a real pain to find,,good luck maybe this will help,good luck happy new years.

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    Its been a long time since I did Chrysler, but it may be a crankshaft position sensor going bad. It will run rough or stall and then restart after it cools a little. i think it also will set a false coil code.

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    placed finished insurance on it and entire it. lol. my sister had a ninety six neon with the comparable issues and we tried to restoration it for over a 12 months. we bypassed and then the gas pump might pass out as quickly as each and every week. supply up putting earnings that lemon! those years neons are junk

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    When ya changed the plugs... did you notice any oil on'em? These engines have the plugs in tubes that are prone to leak enuff oil to ruin the wires.If they're leaking,pull them out,clean surfaces & seal with good'ol #2 permatex & tap'em back in.Good Luck

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