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maya asked in Food & DrinkEthnic Cuisine · 1 decade ago

Teenagers living in Greece.........???

What is the typical number of meals you eat in one day??

What foods do you generally eat during these meals??

please answer in as much detail as possible (it's for a Health project at school). thank you!

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    I don't live in Greece but I'm Greek and go there very often and stay with family. its a small breakfast usually like a piece of bread with honey. a lunch like french fries and meat, then for dinner usually salad, meat bread, cheese, whatever there is. most of the time when i go there, we throw a huge feast with all the food and its usually ready by 10 at night but its soooo good to have all that food buffet style, but you do usually go to sleep soon after so thats not very good cuz it will make you fat i suppose, but all my cousins are stick thin go figure

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    1 decade ago

    one large meal per day = any more puts on weight

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