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Would I require a license to broadcast a live stream of music/talking on a radio station?

I am in the stages of developing an online station which will play music and host discussions for a website I visit. I am currently wondering would I be required to purchase a license to broadcast music legally or would the fact that we have few listeners (5 - 20 max) mean I shouldn't be concerned over the issue. If it is the former, where can i get this licence and ar a cheap price?

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    As far as I know, you don't need a license. Here is what I found for you, because I was curious too:

    "What do you need to set up an Internet radio station?

    CD player

    Ripper software (copies audio tracks from a CD onto a computer’s hard drive)

    Assorted recording and editing software


    Audio mixer

    Outboard audio gear (equalizer, compressor, etc.)

    Digital audio card

    Dedicated computer with encoder software

    Streaming media server"

    The F.C.C. does not regulate streaming audio or webcasts on the Internet.

    P.S. let me know when you're up and running - I'd like to hear it :)

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