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How can I be more like Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl series?

I adore her!

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    Well, your question is not really specific enough. Do you mean, you wanna be more like Blair in the behavior way or the material way or the way you think.

    Since the material way is not really possible without a really really rich dad/step-dad. We'll cross out that option (but if you DO have a really rich dad/step-dad, lemme know, I can give you some advice on that then!)

    Now with the behavioral way....err.....she smokes.....that's not good for your body....neither is drinking (which I believe you understand very well from 5th grade health classes)

    But, personally, I think she's actually quite cool with the way she thinks. She's this really cool character who doesn't really show her feelings whatsoever, and she does what she thinks. Blair can be so because she's confident enough. And, I believe, she's still a virgin. So she has her own dignity too, which is pretty cool. And even though most of the time she acts like a snot and bitches around a lot, she still has her good sides too.

    Don't know if this helps a little better. So, feel free to comment!

    P.S. I love that series too XD

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