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Ordering a product via internet?

Mid November I ordered a product by contacting the salesperson directly via e-mail, from South Africa. Payment was transferred to their account and a promise was made that the product would reach me within two weeks. A week after expected time, I contacted the person again, asking why there was a delay. I was told that it might be the Christmas bulk. Another week later I again made a query, was then asked to contact the customs on my side to try and trace it. Shortly after that another e-mail came through saying that they tried to trace the parcel, but it seems to be stolen, and they could either send it by mail or refund me. From South Africa, they apparently sent it to Brittain first from where it would be forwarded to Taiwan. (I am a South African. I am here teaching.) I have now insisted that they send it to me via speed mail using the postage system. Am I wrong to be impatient? Are there any suggestions out there as to how I should deal with the matter?

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    Since the company is not responsible after the product is shipped.I believe they were damn nice to trace shipment then to offer refund or replacement.

    so if you choose to be upset go ahead and be a jerk.

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