Is the beach at sunset the best place to observe a green flash and does the season matter?

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    The best place is where you have a Body of Water such as the Ocean or A lake. I have seen the Green Flash over Lake Erie as well as Delaware Bay. The Green Flash is caused by the Inversion Layer of Air when the Last tip of the sun hits it before setting. It is very brief so you need to know exactly what you are looking for. The sun will appear to turn Green for a few seconds. The best time to see this is in the summer because it is warmer and there is a thicker inversion layer. The Green Flash is caused by the same thing that causes Mirages.

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    I don't think the season or the location matter...look, I just happen to have my National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky sitting on my computer desk. Let me look that up for you.

    Well, that's pretty useless; all my book says is that you need "the right atmospheric conditions and a sharp horizon". So I would think that the beach would be a great place; since it's caused by sunlight being refracted through the atmosphere, I don't think season or location matter much.

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    You need a very clear sky and uncluttered horizon. Looking at the Sun as it sets over the ocean gives you the clear horizon, but I suppose you could get that in other places, like from an airplane or mountain top, or a vast flat prairie or whatever. Only the weather can give you clear air. It needs to be really clear.

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    You need clear skies and a clear horizon. The beach is probably as good a place as any. The sky tends to be clearer when it is colder. Winter might be better than summer.

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    I heard the best place is at the north or south pole.

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