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What is the meaning of My Chemical Romance's song "Welcome To The Black Parade"?

Its been buging me and i'm wondering what the song means i know the meaning is deep and all but i can't figure it out, help me out will ya?

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    The whole album the black parade is a story.

    It is basically about a guy who dies of cancer and death comes to get him in the form of his favorite memory.. Which is when his father took him to see a parade..but when he dies its death coming for him as form of a parade.

    If you hear the whole cd then you can catch on to the story

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    It features a man dressed in a hospital gown, "The Patient" that the album is about, dying, and being taken by death in the form of a Black Parade. While the band is playing The Patient wanders throughout the parade looking at all the various characters within it. In the end he is given a medal, the medal could be symbolic of death itself or a life completed. After this, the parade leaves and The Patient is left alone.

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  • MCR talks about "Welcome To The Black Parade" in the EP track available on iTunes called "My Chemical Romance Welcomes You To The Black Parade". They say it's probably the oldest track on the new album next to "Disenchanted". They say the idea for the song came before their first record came out but it wasn't finished and they forgot about it for a while. They tried to write it again for Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge but they had so many ideas for that album that it got put off. Then, when they started writing for their third album they picked up the song again and started working on it. After the song was recorded the band thought it could be improved before it was finished. The entire process of making "Welcome To The Black Parade" took about 3 years. Gerard Way says the song is a prime example of the risks they took on their third album. The song's message is for everything to get better and for everyone to carry on, as Way explains.

    Way says it was the hardest song for the band to create. The song consists of 167 separate tracks mixed together, including marching band drums, multiple snares and a horn section. Way says the song also has a section called the "orphan section," during the bridge when some gang vocals come in. The section was influenced by the vocals from the Broadway musical "Little Orphan Annie." The first code name for this song was "The Five Of Us Are Dying," which Ray Toro hated because he's very superstitious and had to fly on a plane after the song was finished. Toro almost didn't get on the plane.[citation needed]

    Certain parts of the song bear a strong resemblance to the typical sound of American band Coheed and Cambria, especially the chorus and the guitar solo during the bridge.

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    ok its very confusing to understand. its basically about ding. the black parade is a group of the dead. there message is to tell the world which is at a crumbling state to cary on no matter what. for further answeres im me punker10x

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