I have pale skin and love the bronzed look for nightime (for my face). I tryed?

loreal and maybeline usual stuff , but always end up patchy. what can i use that'll stick all night.I was going to try mac foundation and what the best bronzer for body that dont smell bad..?

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    actually try the new dove or quench lotions they have shiney stuff in it that gievs you that bronzed type look...what you do is apply lotion to your face a few times before applying your make up and it should give you that type of look...if that still doesnt work...theres a bronzer that is loosely packed in about 100 small make up balls that are different colors..it works on all skin tones..but its about 8 bucks..but works great and no smell just a powder sort of

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    The NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Powder works quite well. It's quite a bargain at $4.99 and can be found at most local drug store like Longs Drugs. If you are looking for face bronzing products, it's an excellent buy.

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    I am pale too and bronzers never look right on me. I end up looking like Christina Aguilera and her orange skin. Anywho, I would suggest looking at CoverGirl's blush in Soft Mink. It's a great alternative to a bronzer for us fair skinned folk.

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    4 years ago

    basically include it girly!! Use a mild bronzer on your cheeks, temples, and jawline and then mixture it out down your neck.. it provides you somewhat a organic heat temperature on your face. Oh you suggested which you look paler in photos and that would desire to be as a results of SPF on your facial moisturizer or foundations, because of the fact issues with SPF have an ingredient that reflects mild and makes your face look ghost-ly in photos. So in case you propose on taking numerous photos sooner or later sidestep products with SPF! good success! xoxo

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  • suz'
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    1 decade ago

    Since you say you are pale you should just use a bit of bronzing powder to give you a sun-kissed look. You can also use it on your shoulders and decollete.

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    The new Spray on Tan's are really cool they actually come with their own gun and only retail for around $69.95 in Aus

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    Go to Chanel's website, www.chanel.com. Great stuff there.

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    use bronzer it makes u look shimmery without looking cheap with glitter or something.

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    you really look into benefit...they have really good bronzer for all skin tones...

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