I want to make a meditation recording on a CD or DVD. What equipment or software do I need?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not long ago I would have said get a computer with a dvd burner and a microphone and a moviemaking program. But recently I got a DVD recorder and found that it will record up to 6 hours on a DVD-R disc. All you need is a small mic mixer and microphone (Radio Shack) and use the cables that came with the DVD recorder to plug it in to the 'Input' jacks on the DVD recorder. You could also hook up to a video source (digital camera?) and record video that will play along with the audio. If your digital camera has good enough mic audio you could hook up the audio to the DVD recorder's 'Input' and eliminate the mixer and mic! Cheap DVD recorders cost less than $100.

  • 4 years ago

    U shud Use Nero 8 because many of the ppl in india use a similar it truly is the precised Burning software used by each of the Wrld It has Many Oder useful factors Oder Than burning like recoding replacing mounting imageetc it truly is userfreindly and luks impressive on ur computer

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