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Can the Ozone Layer be replenished with artificial ozone?

Sure enough, we already have technology to produce ozone (usually employed in water purifying). The Ozone Layer can repair itself very, very slowly - can man accelerate the process?

Can it be as simple as producing and releasing ozone at the altitude of the Ozone Layer?

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    I hope so because if this is possible, this will be something that us common people can use when we finally wake up and take control of the Planet...I'm looking forward to looking at other people's answers who are smarter and more knowledgeable than me.

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    The ozone is due to a process of the earths magnetic field and interacting with the solar winds. The size of the lower ozone concentration varies of a daily basis. It isn't static. A lot is still unknown about the process. We do know about the effects of CFC's and it has been observed in laboratory settings.

    We do know that the magnetic poles of the earth flip flop every 100,000 years. We have no idea if this is an instantaneous process or if it takes place over a period of days or decades. If the Earth is in the process of having the magnetic poles change, then it would have an effect the magnetic flux lines that create the ozone. In other words, we have not been able to observe the ozone concentrations at the magnetic pole except for the past few years. We do not know it it is a natural phenomena or if it is a cyclic process like so many other processes on earth.

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    Ozone is constantly being produced at ground level... it's called smog, and it's caused by interaction between air pollution ( from cars, power plants, volatile organic compounds, etc) and sunlight. Ozone itself becomes a pollutant because it causes problem in people with respiratory problems.

    I don't think it is necessary to pump man made ozone into the stratosphere because as you said, it gets replenished naturally there. UV interacts with oxygen, and makes ozone. What's more inportant is to make sure we don't put junk up there that break down ozone. We have done that. There is much less ozone depleting chemicals being emitted into the atmosphere. It takes some time for this to take effect (CFC stays in the atmosphere for a many years before they degrade), but in about 30 years, we won't have to worry about ozone depletion anymore.

    It's one of the few examples where regular people like you and me made a concious effort to stop using products with CFCs, and politicians listened to scientists and passed laws that outlawed production of these chemicals, and now, ozone hole is on its way to being mended.

    Now if we could only do this with global warming...

    To answer your question, I suppose they could do what you propose, but it all comes to cost. Making ozone and pumping it up into the stratosphere doesn't seem feasable on a global scale. Its easier to just reduce the thing that is destroying it in the first place.

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    No. Ozone is unstable and breaks down quickly into regular oxygen. New ozone is constantly created by sunlight in the upper atmosphere, and it is always breaking down too. So there is a balance between the creation and destruction that settles at a certain level always being present. The CFCs that people have released into the air speed the destruction and so alters the steady state amount to be less.

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    I'm not sure.. but I do know that using HEMP oils instead of petroleum and coal will stop any more damage to the ozone!

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    Yes.......Can be done, But we need support from 4 country. Japan, Germany, America and India.

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