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If I have a text messaging plan do I get charged when someone sends me a text message?

I have a plan with sprint and I get 500 text messages for about $4.99 after my 500 messages are up I get charged for every message. Thats is why I am wondering if it counts as a text message when someone texts you. I looked at my current usage and it said I only used like 29 texts. If that is so then I am thinking that they don't count when someone sends you a text because I have recieved many more than 29 texts. I would really appreciate some help with this issue!

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    I have Sprint and incoming and outgoing text messages count against your plan total. after that it is $.15 a text. Maybe you should get unlimited for like 7.50 a month because it can get very pricy if you go over. Checking online it might not always be up to date with the total used so don't rely on it 100%.

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    I too have that plan and yes you do get charged for incoming text messages. Maybe you only have 29 because it was the begining of your billing cycle.

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    I have cingular and get 200 texts per month. It is one text to read a recieved text and obviously one text to send one. If you do not read recieved texts, it doesn't count against your number of texts.

    Source(s): Have a blue RAZR with only 200 texts per month at 4.99!
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    you get charged for sent texts aswell as recieved texts

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  • Anonymous
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    you should only get charged for text messages that you have sent.

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