Question about relocation?

Ok, I want to relocate and find a better way for myself. So my question is, if I was to move and get a better job and warrants were issued in the state I just left, how long would I have before they found me AND would they let me return to the state I just got situated in? Possible body attachment for failure to pay fines and fees; possible warrant for failure to appear in court and petition to revoke suspended sentence.

I just wanted to know before I began weighing my options. I do not need to know that I am ignorant for moving with possible trouble lurking. Just wanted to know if I could actually be able to get situated and possibly be able to negotiate with a lawyer I hire in another state.

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    1 decade ago
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    pick a state that doesn't have extradition agreements with the state you presently live in ... this could delay the process significantly

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