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what are some cute ways to wear ur hair down (not a full head of curls)?

some curls are fine not a full head though

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    a cute thing thats not too curlyis to take a shower at night then once it dries a little bit put it in french braids. i do it all the time. it makes soft, natural looking waves, but not too curly.

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    Half up and half down or what is really coming back in is the whole head with straight hair with a few curls on top

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    I love to wear my hair down and here is what I do for it..

    1st- Headbands always rock!

    2nd- Take two strands of hair, one from either side of your head, and secure them in the back with a mini hair clip.

    3rd- Curl it at the ends, and with a round brush and a hair dryer blow them out to make them look more natural.

    4th- Grab a seciton of your hair right at your part. Pull back and secure in the back with bobby pins.

    You can think of even more if you sit in front of a mirror, with the latest fashion magizine and try out all the ones in there!

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    you could curl your hair a little than make a liitle bangs.


    you could wear a head band and then leave a small amount of strands in front of your face.


    you could just straight your hair and then clip small amount of hair at the back.


    front hair curl then at the back straight.


    just straight your hair or do a little curl, then place some hair at the side.

    Source(s): I always put my hair down!!
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    if you have layers get a good 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron and just curl half way up your hair if all one length bone straight

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    if u have bangs (medium or long ones) then in basic terms clip them up on the precise of your head.....and make it poof up. thats particularly lovable or tie an prolonged ribbion around ur head and pull the 1st few front products of hair out. u can straighten it or curl some strands or scrunch it....the opportunities are countless! wish i helped

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    i always wear my hair down too..

    my fave style is just straight parted down the side..

    its a classic and it looks good on everyone..

    but if you want something else...

    part it down the middle and pull like an inch from each side back into a clip in the middle of the top of your head.

    hope this helps!

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    pull the sides back with curls hanging down on the right and left side,french twist,a messy bun in the back

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    pull some strands of hair from the way front and with cute bobby pins gently and loosely pull the strands back and clip them with the bobby pins to the side.

    hope i could help!

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    put ur hair half up and bangs out and curl the bottoms

    i have curly hair so i know wut u mean about a head full of curls

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