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I got terminated, from my job, is this true (for carlifornia)?

i got terminated, for a huge misunderstanding, but oh well. anyways, i was just told that they had to pay my vaccation week, is this true

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    Hard to say, there are many questions to ask on this one. Was there an employment agreement you signed? Was it stated anywhere that you would not be paid for any vacation balances you had? You would have to get with the HR department of the employer and see the employer's policies on such matters. In the private sector, employers are very good at having these types of issues documented to allow them to not have to pay for those earned vacation days. If things like this are part of their policy, and it is published allowing any employee to see these policies, there are implied consent "loopholes" that would state basically that since you worked there of your own free will, these policies were documented and published, and you were terminated, you gave your consent to work under those conditions.

    This is where it pays to really research any company you are going to possibly be working for.

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    Not necessarily.

    The company I work for gives good benefits, but with the vacation pay, or as it is called with this co, paid time off, if i dont use it, I lose it. If I get fired, I do not get paid for unused paid time off.

    Check you employee hand book, if possible. It should explain it.

    Also, an internet search will bring up more information for your state laws, and possibly a website on the employer itself to find out.

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    Check with your state labor board. Here in Louisiana when my employment was terminated my employer was to pay me my unused vacation & sick time by the next pay period or be pay one day's pay for every day that they were late in making payment. Advise your employer IN WRITING & date it ASAP that you are requesting your unused vacation & sick time. Keep a copy of that letter for your records, be sure to send it certified mail so that you can have a signature of receipt for your records as well and a timeline to calculate your payment. If you were terminated due to no fault of your own, you should qualify for unemployment benefits. Good luck & blessings in your New Year. You're probablly better off without this job & a better one will come up in the near future.

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    Try the site below. Make sure to change the State to CA. Hope this helps answer your question.

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    Yes you should get vacation pay but not sick day pay that you have earned.

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    yea they must pay for that time.

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