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Help me FIGHT the CA Diamond Lane law!?

In CA I recently received a ticket for crossing the double yellow line while entering the diamond lane. I had two occupants in the car. I moved into the lane about 50 feet before I was "legally" able to enter the lane, mainly to avoid an impending accident ahead of me with several brake lights shining in my lane. I figured it was the safest move to make and any officer nearby would understand. Apparently not. He put his lights on soon after I entered the diamond lane wanting me to pull over immediately. I stayed my course because it would have been yet another fine if I crossed back out of the diamond lane when I wasnt supposed to. I waited until I was legally able to make the lane change, then proceeded to pull over. He wasnt happy.

I would like to fight this. Can anyone find some links regarding fighting diamond lane violations (and winning) and/or the various diamond lane laws just within California alone? If I did this near San Francisco, this would have been perfectly legal. TNX!

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    Okel dokel, radio me your location and I'll send in air support.

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    You broke the law, you earned that ticket. It does not matter if you were trying to avoid traffic/accident up ahead, you still broke the law.

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