Does anyone know of any reputable child sponsorship programs that are not based around a particular religion?

I was looking into sponsoring a child in another country via one of those websites, but I realized that it was based around spreading Christianity. I was just wondering if there are any organizations that help people for the sake of helping people and not as a way to spread their religion? I dunno. As I'm writing this, I feel really lame for even caring... but then again, I'm looking to invest in the children of Armenia, which is the oldest Christian country in the world, so they really don't need missionaries.


Anyone know of secular relief funds?


Anne K:

Thanks for the tip, but sadly I am not looking to actually "adopt" anyone as I am still a single student. What I wanted was to "sponsor" a child.

Update 2:

M.B. :

I may be lame, but your explanation is the opposite of what I am.

If I were only for a cause and not for a general desire to do good, wouldn't I be sure to find an organization that wanted to spread my cause instead of just generally helping children?

Call me a phony when you donate some money, and we can call it even. :)

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    You can donate to UNICEF, but I dont know if they tell you where your donation is going

    COAF- Children of Armenia Fund

    ...the best way to aid... go there and donate your time and labor.

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    I think it's wrong to try and force your child to believe exactly as you do, especially once the child is old enough to consider religious issues for themselves. At the same time, there are no laws preventing your parents from taking away your things if you don't join their religion. What I think you should do tell your parents you'll make a deal with them. Here's the deal: You'll read the Bible and listen to their religious lectures with an open mind for three months. When you're done with that, if you still are agnostic and don't want to be a Christian, then they have to respect your decision. Your parents will get what they want (you making an honest attempt to lean Christianity) and you'll get what you want (they'll stop bothering you). That way, they will know that you're not just rebelling against them and hopefully they'll understand that you're old enough to make your own decisions. Good luck.

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    Contanct the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    They can point you in the right direction. They're up to date with the adoption requirements each country has and they have lists of many orphanages where it's easier to adopt.

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    Children International.

    They won't try to convert the children. However, they don't work in Armenia.

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    You are lame for caring. You want to be some kind of cause celeb without having any genuine desire to do good. Phoney.

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    Im sure there are plenty of commie orgs out there. Don't know any off the top of my head, sorry.

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