Is there a special permit for working in a family business in order to recieve a paycheck? I am 14 and a half.

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    well. im not sure because its family. but im sure it wouldnt hurt to ask. but when i was 14yrs old i had to get a workers permit to be able to have a job. talk to a guildence couselor at school, they cane point you in the right directions, they have lots of information that can help you with this kinna stuff!!! good luck

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    As long as you are working in a family business you should not need a permit even though you get paid. I am not sure if they have to take taxes out on you or not , since it is family it would be the same as working for an allowance. I am not an attorney so I may be wrong but I was working when I was 15 and did not have a permit, of course I was only making .50 cents an hour also.

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    In order to receive a paycheck, your employer (family or not) will have to file tax info and social security on you. You will need a work permit. Get this from your local career office at your high school. It works the same way as any other job. However, keep in mind that there are restrictions on how many hours a week you can work as well as WHAT hours you can work (usually not after 10 pm). Kudos to your family for doing this the legal way!!!

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    I know in most states you can work for a family business under 16. I don't believe there is a specific form or permit. You can call your state employment office for direction.

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  • nope theres no special permit...but it has to be family owned...and immediate family at cant be an aunt or uncles business it has to be moms and or dads...a family owned business is the only type of business that can employ children..

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