can someone help me find the lyrics to this song??

forget you i really wish i could get you off my mind those are the lyrics


forget you i really wish i could get you off my mind

those are some of the lyrics but can someone help me find the song name and the artist also? Thank you soo much.

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    “Forget you” by LAX (formally known as Willow)

    Imma tell you a story here it goes…


    Let me say this face to face

    before you walk away from me

    listen up baby

    you know things aint gunna change

    I love you but she’s in the way

    where does that leave me

    Im a mess so wrapped up in you

    and theres nobody else for me

    gave my heart I am so confused

    but I keep telling myself


    forget you

    that’s all I wanna do

    I gotta face the truth

    cause this just ain’t no good for me

    forget you

    I really wish I could get you off my mind

    as hard as I may try I cant forget you

    I just gotta forget you

    Bre talk to em

    Baby heres where i went wrong

    thinkin I could have you

    even though I knew the truth

    you were with somebody else

    don’t mean no disrespect

    but she aint got nothing on me

    im a mess wish that i could get over

    and i keep tellin myself to

    [chorus repeat]


    you and I will never be

    and thats what is killing me

    the thing for me to do is go and find somebody new

    but that wont happen till i forget you

    [chorus repeat]

    and that’s the story

    now you know how I feel

    and that’s all I gotta say

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    The song is called: Forget You By: Lax


    Let Me Say This Face To Face

    Before You Walk Away From Me

    Listen Up Baby

    You Know Things Aint Gunna Change

    I Love You But She's In The Way

    Where Does That Leave Me

    Im A Mess So Wrapped Up In You

    And Theres Nobody Else For Me

    Gave My Heart I Am So Confused

    But I Keep Telling Myself


    Forget You

    That's All I Wanna Do

    I Gotta Face The Truth

    Cause This Just Ain't No Good For Me

    Forget You

    I Really Wish I Could Get You Off My Mind

    As Hard As I May Try I Cant Forget You

    I Just Gotta Forget You

    Bre Talk To Em

    Baby Heres Where I Went Wrong

    Thinkin I Could Have You

    Even Though I Knew The Truth

    You Were With Somebody Else

    Don't Mean No Disrespect

    But She Aint Got Nothing On Me

    Im A Mess Wish That I Could Get Over

    And I Keep Tellin Myself To



    You And I Will Never Be

    And Thats What Is Killing Me

    The Thing For Me To Do Is Go And Find Somebody New

    But That Wont Happen Till I Forget You


    And That's The Story

    Now You Know How I Feel

    And That's All I Gotta Say

    I got it from here

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    I agree with prev. Google search.

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    I think it's "Forget you” by L.A.X, but I'm not really sure. I hope it is! If it is, YES!! If not, I'll keep searching for you!

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