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is rutgers football under or over rated?

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    Even though they had a magical season. .. they were overated at the end of the year. They are definately on the right track to building a consistent team and their recruiting of top players has been firmly established. The national exposure and recognition they received this year will convince many top high school players to attend rutgers. Their coach is a quality person and coach and he has definately gotten Rutgers to turn the corner in a short time. Kudos to the program and Let's hope they can maintain their new level of excellence. Now if you want a true definition of OVERATED. . . . look in the dictionary under NOTRE DAME. . . they are horribly overated every year!!!

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    Neither. They're 10-2 and ranked 16th. Arkansas is the only team with more loses and still ranked ahead of them. Boise State is the most underrated team in the country.

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    Die Hard Louisville Fan!!!!!

    I seen what these cats are capable of. Our only loss this season was to them. Definitely UNDERRATED!!!

    Everyone says that they don't play in a tough conference!?!?

    They will surely prove themselves in the future.

    Read it and weep, the Scarlet Knights are a force to be reckoned with.

    Go Cards!

    Orange Bowl '07

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    under, there a quality ball team that will be good for the next couple years that will proably win the Big East and go to the BCS next year

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    Over definitely they are terribly one dimensional.

    Now Boise St. definitely underated.

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    I don't think they are either. I think they are a good team and the media didn't overrate them or underrate them.

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    neither, but maybe if they played in a tough conerence, we could tell

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