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Well, I think I'm giving up...?

So, here's the dealio: I was talking to this guy (and I know him, he lives in my city and is no internet lover) but he thought I was my brother because I was on messenger on my brother's name. I said a bunch of crap about myself, like, I was stupid and everything, and he agreed. He said he never liked me and dating me was a mistake that started on yahoo messenger. Now keep in mind that he thinks I am my brother, because he would never say that to my face. I said that he would be my last chance, that I'm sick of being hurt and left. Should I just give up? I don't know what to do. I feel rather peaceful even though the thought that he said those things haunts me. I really am about to give up, and hope isn't here for me anymore, it left when all of my friends did. Should I pick my heart up off the ground and keep going?

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    Well you should never give up on love. that guy sounds kinda like a jerk so hes probably not worth it anyway. From your avatar, you look like a beatiful girl whos just in a slump right now. unlike me who has been in a slump for like 3 years because girls obviously dont like nice caring guys. but o well soon you will find a guy that cares about you and never changes who he is. then you will be slump free. Good luck, Justin

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    don't ever give up and never let anyone bring you down if all your friends left or just aren't there for you and you need someone to talk to or just want someone to talk to you can email me anytime I been there

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    yes girl......u need to get over him cuz its obvious that he doesnt like u...if he wud say that stuff about u then he isnt right for u...get urself a man that loves u and wudnt talk about u like that!!!!

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