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Moon Palace in Cancun?

My husband and I in the past have taken yearly trips to Moon Palace in Cancun. We have missed the last 3 years due to a new baby and then the big hurricane hit down there. I was curious if anyone has been back since Katrina ( I believe it was ) blew through that area. If you have I would like to know in what state they have rebuilt or remodeled any damaged areas? Basically, just the general state of the resort overall.



Thanks Macaw...I wasn't sure if it was Katrina. I am thinking it was that same year Katrina wreaked havoc, but couldn't remember any other storm besides Rita since we had to evac from her in Houston. Like you, I can't remember the name of the storm that did all this damage either.

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    Was in Cancun in May and the area is better than before. Moon Palace has some construction going on, however that is due to even MORE rooms being added. You will be fine, have fun!

    Also Katrina is the one that hit New Orleans. Katrina had little effect on Cancun area, it was another hurricane, but I don't remember it's name.

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    Hurricane Emily.

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    Hey, lucky you! Cancun cannot afford to be under renovations all the time, fortunately there is a lot of investments there that make sure tourists dont stop going, so dont worry, its all good again.

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    I've heard that it is an awesome resort (as all the Palace Resorts are!). But the beach is not too great.

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