Homecoming Disaster?

Ok so Im the student body president and I have a MAJOR problem. Well obviously we're having homecoming late buts its cuz my school dont have a football team. Anyways we had a dance planned and everythign for the friday night before homecoming (homecoming is on a saturday) and we were going to get ppl to go by saying they have to vote at the dance for homecoming king and queen etc. Anyways, the idiots moved homecoming and now were having it a week earlier and the girls bb team will be gone the friday night be4. so we wont be having a dance no more :( because my school is a party school and a dance saturday night wont work cuz no one will go. Anyways let me get to the point/ We have a parade and pep rally scheduled for the morning, but nothing for the afternoon. any easy but fun ideas to fill up the afternoon? please help! THankss!!


O and a dance will not work in teh afternoon... thats too middle schoolish

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    Maybe a Powder Puff football game where the girls play and the boys cheer or a faculty/staff game?

    What's the pep rally for if you don't have a football team?

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    Were you high when you wrote this...it makes no sense.

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