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Help!! I need Fall themed table settings for my wedding reception?

Help!! I need Fall themed table settings for my wedding reception. I really am not into the whole flower thing. Does anyone have any creative ideas involving fall leaves or pumpkins or anything else??

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    Here's an idea. Get some "fake" leaves from the craft store and scatter them along the middle of the tables with clear votives randomly placed. You could use either a candle in the votive class or you could set small pumpkins in the votive. what is really prety and neat is to get votive holders big enough to put water in and get some floating candles and light them just before the reception. I would use fall colors such as orange, brown, green and yellow. Good luck.

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    I helped a friend of mine plan a fall wedding. We have several different ideas. She ended up going with a masked ball theme, but here are few great pumpkin and leaves ideas:

    1. Crave out a few small pumpkins (differnet heights make it look cooler) and use them as vases with orange roses and chocolate brown mums, even add some leaves.

    2. Use fake leaves as place cards

    3. Use the itty bitty pumpkins as place card holders.

    4. Fill a Cornucopia with fall color flowers(Silk are the best) and add leaves. You can tie raffia to them and use as a holder for the menu cards,

    5. Find pumpkin shaped candle holders and fill with brown or orange candles.

    6.Find some nice iron or silver, or gold plated bowls and fill with pumpkin spice Potpourri and add small mini pumpkins around it with some leaves.

    Hope these are helpful. A great web site to check is:

    Good Luck!!

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    my favorite is a clear bowl with fall colored marbles or stones in the bottom and leaf shaped & colored floating candles. Then add fake fall leaves around the table instead of the typical rose petals. Head table do the fake leaves down the front of the table with votives in clear cups lined all the way across the front of the head table.

    Source(s): I am an Event Planner and have seen a lot of different things!!
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    Fall fruits (pears, figs, pomegranites) in a decorative bowl.

    Buy a bunch of little pumpkins and place them in a nice silver bowl.

    You could also do autumn orange colored candles of different sizes and shapes (not much higher than 6" and not scented). Place them on mirrors with leaves around them.

    You could also have a wine theme (ivy/vine grapes).

    You could just do greenery (instead of flowers).

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    Cornucopias would look nice. Apples in a bowl would be good. Small pumpkins and decorative gourds would be really cool.

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    One thing you could do is buy some table diamonds and scatter them around the table. You can buy them in fall colors like burgundy and topaz.

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    carve small bells, or doves, or Mr. and Mrs. Whatever, into small pumpkins, and put candles in them. Surround them with fall leaves.

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    ~Sunflowers~ bright and fresh!

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