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My Candy Anemone is turning brown!?

Why is he looking so peekish, I have 6 moth old take Perfect chemistry, and I hand feed it krill every other day three or four pieces. My lighting is coralife.


I have a Lunar Aqualight 1 65 Watt 10,000K Daylight, 1 65 watt True AActinic Blue

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    Is your lighting enough? Some coralife lighting is only regular fluorescent lighting, which is not enough. You need VHO fluorescent fixtures to keep them, they don't really need that much food as well. They also require very clean water, so zero waste levels on all tests is necessary.

    Regular fluorescent bulbs give 32-40 watts of light for a 4 ft bulb, VHOs have a power output of 110-130 watts for the same size bulb.

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