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Rb Problems what should I do?

Brian Westbrook HAS been sick so???

Leon Washington would be a good back up or should I play Westbrook?

Also Deuce McAllister isn't going to much cause they made the playoffs?


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    Leon Washington has had a few big games, but he doesn't always start. He shares time, much more than Westbrook. Westbrook is always one of the best point producers in fantasy. Westbrook also gets receiving yards, far more than the avg. I would say play Westbrook. Also, like you said Duece probably wont be expending too much energy this week.

    I am a huge FSU fan, I love Leon, I just think that if I had money on it, I'de bet on Westbrook.

    Also Oakland and Atlanta have both given up the same # of rushing TD's, and Oakland only gives up 28 more yards per game.

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    play westbrook. the eagles are trying to win the division tomorow against the falcons, so westbrook will get plenty of playing time. same thing with leon washington, if the jets win, they're in, so he'll be playing a lot as well.

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    I would say Westbrook. He'll shake off whatever is bothering him and tear it up. I hope so anyway. I started him.

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    westbrook, like you said he has been sick!

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    is that clear enough?

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