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Fullmetal Alchemist Episodes?

i need a site where i cam download individual episodes, in english.for free

thanks you

please dont say youtube, you cant download from there you can only watch them, thanks you again

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    By english, do you mean dubbed? Because if that's so, i have no idea. If you need the subbed version, you can download in .avi format at

    or high quality .rm format at (They only started uploading the series, though. Only 6 are up)

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    I watched FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood first, and then I watched FullMetal Alchemist. To be trouble-free, i might pass the way I went because of the fact - a million. The plot of each and every sequence is punctiliously diverse, aside from the basics - that's the brothers tried to transmute their mom, homunculus, chimera and all that jazz. 2. Brotherhood plot is a procedures extra beneficial understood, there are not any flaws or holes interior the storyline, inspite of that it is one thousand situations extra complicated than the 1st sequence, in a competent way. each and every thing is planned out from the start, and gosh it basically makes the conflict and ending appealing. 3. you may have a chortle while your gazing the 1st sequence and notice how retarded it is in assessment. XD LOL Nah jk, the two are especially dam extraordinary, and that i admire them the two. warning: you are going to be able to alter into captivated with FMA...

  • 1 decade ago -> rm -> avi

    Well actually you can download directly video from Youtube and you need FLV player

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    try they might have some videos there

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    When is the Fullmetal Alchemist Show on? someone answer this question please

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