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I just broke up with my boyfriend....I need to move on.?

Please tell me how to move on. The new year is coming and I want to start afresh being single. I am 21 and in the same college with him doing the same course. So, seeing him so often makes things harder for me. The reason we broke up is because he thinks I am suffocating him. I admit I am too clingy most of the times. Secretly, I am hoping he will come back to me after I give him his personal space and he will consider being with me again because he said he still loves me a lot but he is sorry that he had to put me through this. He said that I'm tying him down. He can't do what he want. I guess the relationship is over and he won't be coming back. I need to move on.

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    Try to set a date where you will stop grieving until that day do what you want cry,scream,sulk,play sad songs hell,even make a tape of your songs to him,eat what you want,sleep when you want even take a day or two off work. when the stop grieving day is close at hand start to make personal evaluations like pros and cons of your relationship,write a letter to him but don't send it just to vent tell him goodbye in your own special way,evaluate the things that soured your relationship so you know what not to do the next time around but of course take inventory of your good qualities you'll feel good knowing that there are some things that will make it his loss. and of course spend time with supportive people family,friends,co-workers and if you are still in school spend time with supportive people friends,family,even talk to a trusted favorite female teacher everyone been in this situation. and definitely keep busy the more you have to occupy your time the less time you will spend thinking of him. I know it feels like the world is ending but with every new day brings another chance. if you are christian,as I am this quote helped me through tough times and break-ups "When god Denys us he has something better in mind and will bring forth to those who keep the faith"

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