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Will I......?

Will i grow 15 almost 16?

hi im a 15 y.o girl and my height is --> 163.5cm (5'4)

i want to be a runway/catwalk model ..

u think i can grow 3inch(atleast) or 4inch(the most)?

i grew 4 cm last summer.

--> oh and please any product (facial and body) that can help me go white again is tht i dont like my skin color (tan) anymore! thanks! something that really works please! i need it!!! <--

oh i have the body of a model just not the height! and i have pain sometimes on my knees.. you think i can get 170? ... or maybe more?

i had my 1st period when i was 11 7 days b4 turning 12 and i grew 4cm last summer (i had 15 y.o) and im almost 16..

i dont smoke and i dont drink alcohol or anything like that

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    Well, the odds of you growing that much are slim, unless your parents are really tall. Even so, if you're already sixteen, it doesn't seem likely. If you are 5'4 you do NOT have the body of a runway model. Most runway models I've worked with over the years are already 5'8 by sixteen and are on their way to a career in fashion. But you could try commercial modeling (product endorsements) or acting, where the height isn't so important. But honestly, don't stress yourself over it. A career in modeling isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    Source(s): Six years of working as a makeup artist in New York City - I've worked with Shalom Harlow, Naomi Campbell and Esther Canadas.
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    yes you most likely grow taller. stop wasting your points and askign this question.

    just eat helathy and get our 8+ hours of sleep a night and if you get REALLY hungry at some point in time EAT toyu are probably going through a growth spurt.

    just stay health exercise and what not.. dont know how much you will grow though

    just be safe in pursuing your dream! no eating disorder and all that its never worth giving up your health to "look pretty"

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    Its nice to have a question from a nice normal young person Happy New Year.

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    most people stop growing at the age of18 maybe17 so you might just grow a little bit more

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    hopefully.but i dont want you to become anorexic if you become a catwalk model not saying you will but i noe girls who have done that. good luck hope you get taller : ]

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    yeah well dont smoke im bout ur age and it makes me not grow so im 5 4 and supposed 2 b in ninth grade and idk if its average or not but w/e lol.

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    well...annorexia makes u shorter,so dont do that, ne eating disorers, umm.. i heard if u eat alot of GREEN veggies it makes u taller.try it.what do u got to lose?

    Source(s): meee and veggie sites.
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    you already asked this.

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