Why are people so concerned about global warming? Temperatures have been increasing & decreasing for years.?

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    All of life and existence is in cycles. There are the seasons of the year, the hydrostatic system, life and death, day and night and more.

    Global warming is a very normal part of the earth's personality and cycle. Only humans worry and fuss about it. The rest of nature does not.

    Eventually there will be an earthquake and a volcano or two will spew tons of ash and smoke into the atmosphere. The results will cool down our global temperatures. It is standard operating procedure for the planet earth.

    No biggie.

    The key word in MVP's answer above is "recored" history. That is only a very very small part of history.


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    Because the climate will change and the sea level will rise.

    The climate change: more extremes are the result = more deaths.

    More dust will move globally, bringing more new viruses and diseases. Also biodiversity will get a kick because of the extremities.

    Sea level rise: many countries will loose live or land.

    Sea temperature is changing. This causes the warm water circulation in the Atlantic Ocean to stop, plunging many countries in much more cold conditions.

    The increase in the last decades has never been so fast as before in recorded history.

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    It's of concern for a variety of reasons, not just environmental, but to economic and even sociological reasons.

    Global warming is a natural occruence, however, so is global cooling, but that hasn't happened in the past 20 years. Want proof? this is the first year that England is producing wine... yes, that's right, it's finally warm enough in Britain to make something else besides crumpets... the South of France... the most sought after place in western Europe, which has change hands from Gauls to Germans to God knows who, is steadily warming, the Chardonnay grapes are having issues.

    Of course, that's just wine.... however, wine affects the Euro, bad crop=loss money=weak euro=better position for Dollar an Yen.

    Speaking of the Yen, water levels have been rising in Japan, which causes nervouses as you can imagine.

    On top of that... there was an el Nino in the past decade. In Los Angeles, it resulted in 200 days of rain in a year. El Nino is sudden cooling of the pacific ocean... which can also be caused by melting ice caps. Btw, Canada has reported that the biggest chuck of the artic north EVER has broken off and floating down to Atlantic oil rigs, putting them in danger.

    Wow, the temperature of the earth affects our wine and oil supply. Imagine what else it could do if it gets out of hand.

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    well the earth has cycles or extreme cold(ice age ) and heat and while we can still survive the golbal warming is speeding up the current transition beetween cold to warm yes we are in an ice age but it snot nearly as bad as ones long ago so all global warming is doing is speeding up are worsing the transiton and increasing temperatures causing ice to melt and this make water rise and so one day most of the world will o ce again be mostly water

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    2nd Q first-- yes, temps have fluctuated for millenea, but in the past it was natural occurances. this time it is suspected that man's activity has caused it.

    1st Q-- global warming will wreak havoc with the weather. most plants and animals have a small range of temperature and moisture that they can survive in. small changes can cause mass extinctions. not to mention rise in sea level, more and stronger storms, droughts and floods of biblical proportions, etc.

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    because of the fact, international warming believers push aside any form of technological know-how that would desire to even hint that international warming is brought about by potential of something else different than people. it is a hyperlink to an editorial by potential of national Geographic suggesting that it is possible, that on account that Mars is warming on the comparable time, and comparable fee because of the fact the earth is may be a warming of the sunlight fairly than human made. you are going to be able to or would possibly no longer have self belief this, and that's nice. we do not know for specific what's inflicting international warming, and technological know-how is often studying new issues. issues we by no potential concept-approximately in the previous. whilst recent as 2 many years in the past, we had no evidence of planets outiside of our photograph voltaic gadget, now all of us know of many. 10 years in the past we concept the age of the universe exchange into 8-10 billion years previous, now all of us are conscious of it is nearer to twenty. We might discover something out relating to the sunlight, and it warms and cools each and every so usually and it is a warming section. however perhaps no longer, yet while somebody who's skeptical of world warming as a human reason provides an option thought, international warming believers do no longer might desire to push aside it as lies, or ultimate wing hogwash.

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    Yes, Earth's temperatures fall and rise over time. But recent rises in temperature have been greater than at any other time in history and the temperatures are higher than ever.

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    People, generally speaking, are fools. The majority of us would rather accept a frivolous claim by some celebrity than to educate ourselves on both sides of the issue and then determine for ourselves whether or not the sky is falling. But most of us aren't that smart and even worse, we're lazy. Why learn something truthful when it's easier to accept the distortions by someone you saw on TV?

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    yes but with a dramatic change ice ages have occured, i would rather not be frozen in glaciers

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