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How is United domestic First Class?

I am flying on United First Class to Chicago. The flight will be a night flight from California and over 3 hours. What can I expect as food items, entertainment, and other amenities. Sites with pictures or your insight is appreciated.

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It's a Boeing 767 with a 2-2-2 config. Hope this helps!

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    It's nothing great if it's not a wide body.

    If there are three classes of service, you will have a very nice seat with at least 160 degrees of recline. Chances are, though, that it will be a 757 or even Airbus 319 or 320. First class in this case reclines about 15 to 20 degrees from vertical, and there are no foot rests.

    There is usually a small snack served in first class. I have had roast beef sandwiches, chicken salads, served on the "red eye" from San Diego to Chicago.

    A GREAT site, that will show you the plane layout, let you know whether seats have electricity, etc., is

    I use it every time I select a seat!

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    Should be pretty awesome... Main-line United does a great job.

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