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My Dog Has Something Wrong With His Dew Claws?

We adopted my dog five years ago. A while after we adopted him, we noticed that his dew claws were never removed. At the moment it didn't pose a problem, so we never really paid attention to them besides clipping them if they got to long. Recently, he has been licking his back right set of dew claws excessivly. I've noticed that one of the claws has become very pink and swollen. His dew claws have always looked like they are loose, but nothing has gone wrong with them until now. I have no idea what's wrong, I keep meaning to get him to the vet, but my parents haven't the time or the money at the moment. It's been going on for about two weeks now. What can I do to help it and any ideas on what may be wrong?

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I've talked to my dad and he says it's gone from better, to worse, better, to worse etc, etc. When he leaves it alone it gets better, but when he licks it it gets worse.

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    Boredom is the most often result of unnecessary/excessive licking. Try playing with him more often it may help. However when you can afford to take him to the Vet please do, it could be a sign of something more serious. Try going to the store and buying nonstick gauze and medical tape. Wrap and tape his dewclaws to prevent further irritation. Give it a couple of days with extra play and you are likely to see results.

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    You are going to have to get the dog to the vet. Though your dog is older now, the vet may have to remove the dew claws if they are giving your dog trouble. But have it checked out before it becomes infected if it isn't already.

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    It does sound like an infection. I know how expensive animal care can be, so try looking in the school section of the phone book and call around to see if you can get a discounted rate where they teach veterinarians. Don't wait any longer, how would you feel if you were walking around with an infection on your leg or foot? And aside from discomfort, infections can kill. Good luck to you and your dog!!

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    I would soak it in epsom salt and hot water for at least 5 mintues and then wrap it. Don't leave the wrap on longer then 24 hours before resoaking it...

    The wrap will keep the dog from licking. You can get vet wrap from wal mart.

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    he does need to go to the vet as it sounds infected. You can try bathing in diluted antiseptic, but it may sting too much. There is an antibiotic powder you might need, and the vet might even have to remove it. Go now before it becomes an even more big and expenisve job

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    nicely thats humorous as a results of fact my canines have been given her dew claw bumped off aswell xD she's 14 inspite of the shown fact that.. and specific your puppys claw isn't becoming interior! even inspite of the shown fact that it somewhat is possiable it somewhat is contaminated badly,or in line with risk a tad little.thats all I would desire to assert so,sturdy luck on your pup and,dont difficulty,to you!

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    he needs to go to the vet. no other option here really. you need to find out why it's sore. that has to hurt and i'm sure the dog would be most grateful to you for stopping the pain. it could be he caught them on something, or has something stuck in there. or it might even be a growth, you're not going to get a decent answer until you take him to the vet.

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    try to get the dog to stop messing with his dew claws. see if they will get better then.

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