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When I try to conversate with people they say it seems like they are being interviewed............?

and that they sometimes regret talking to me because I ask to many questions. I believe I ask questions because it is easier to ask a question than have to express my view on something since I get a little self conscience when too much attention is towards me so I try to keep the attention towards the other person. How do I overcome this? And how can I improve my conversational skills?

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    Stop with all the questions. It's fine if they are talking and you ask 1 or 2 questions about what their talking about.

    Just talk about yourself. Don't worry what people think about you EVER if they don't like you for who you are that's their problem.

    discuss your job or family. Bring up funny events that have hapened in your life. You'll find the person your talking to wil open up and reveal funny things about them. It's a great way to get to know alot about other people.

    And remember just relax and let the good conversation roll.

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    Well asking queations is good when you want to be someones friend i do that to even when know the person all my life i want to stay up dated.But maybe you shouldnt ask the questions all at once.Be smooth and just layback let them find out what you are intristed in.It should work and if it doesnt im sorry.Good luck!!!!

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    Maybe it's the way you fire off questions at them. Be more subtle, tell them your hobbies and ask them what theirs are. But as rule of thumb states, "people love to talk about themselves" usually.

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