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Would using a kit made for highlighting and getting a color darker than my hair allow me to get lowlights?

If i bought an at-home highlighting kit in a color darker than my hair color would that give me lowlights? Because i can't find any at-home lowlighting kits.

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    No because every highlighting kit will have a developer that lifts....

    you can go to sally beauty supply or something similar and buy just the highlighting caps and a darker color along with a level 10 developer. That will deposit color only and not lift. Giving you darker "streaks" rather then lighter

    hope that helps! good luck

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    While it is never a good idea to do your hair at home if you insist you can get highlighting products at your local beauty supply. If you bought a highlighting kit unless you are already very blonde it should not be darker than you own hair. Your basically saying two things that don't make sense; you bought a highlighting kit and you can't find a highlighting kit. Which one is it? If you did buy a kit already and cannot return it do a strand test on a small section of your hair to see how it turns out before doing the entire head.

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    A highlighting kit is bleach. Low lighting is done w/ color. If you put that highlighting kit on your hair it is going to lighten your hair. Bleach is not a color, it is a decolorizer (meaning it takes color out of your hair) A color coates the hair.

    Good Luck,

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    you are exactly right. use a highlighting cap and put a darker color on the hair pulled thru the cap.

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