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What was teddy longs big announcement?

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    Teddy Long revelaed on the "Best Of SmackDown! 2006" that starting next week they will have what they call the "Smackdown Sprint." The "Sprint" is a time stipulated match which means that each week they will have a "Smackdown! Sprint" match and the wrestler who wins the shortest match gets to vs the champion in the main event at Royal Rumble.

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    I have no idea, but these other guys say that all of the matches are going to be timed, and the guy with the least time gets a shot at the title at the Royal Rumble.

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    next weeks smackdown will have a series of timed matches the guy with the fastest time gets a shot at the title at the royal rumble

    Source(s): watched the announcement on tv
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    well, i dont know about the big announcement but i know it is related to royal rumble and of course, the world heavyweight championship!

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