How can I make my boobs grow bigger?

I want big boobs.

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    You'll actually be surprised at how miserable bigchested women can be. Their breasts can have sores and irritations. I'd reccomend where you are now, but the only reccomendations to enhance your breasts would probably be:

    1) Implant surgery. Expensive and sometimes painful.

    2) If you're 12-16, they may become bigger over a period of time.

    3) If you wanted to gain weight it could enhance their size but I'd reccomend staying fit, where you are now.

    4) Becoming pregnant often largens them, but if that won't work out than try the top three.

    Good luck, and remember, it's you that matters. If you're embarrassed around bigchested women you'll be surprised that most of them were implanted (fake). It's not as easy as it looks.

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    get pregnant or breast implants

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