what between land and sky??

its very hard one so think and try to get it

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    Gases, mostly Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%) that together we call "air", and water molecules that mix with the gases and form clouds, mists, fogs and humidity, or, moisture in the air. Also, there are particles of soil and dust and pollutants that get suspended in the air from wind blowing it off the Earth and from farmers and such stirring up the soil. Many forms of tiny living creatures live in the atmosphere and have their own ecology up there. The air thins out the farther away from the ground you go. The molecules of the gases that make up air get farther and farther apart the higher you go. There are several strata or layers of atmosphere. Here is a link to click on to see a fun website about the Earth's atmosphere:


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    nothing. nothing at all

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