need help with halo 2. i m a noob?

i was watchin some matches on youtube n i saw Walshy do a double shot with tha battle rifle. just wondering how he did it

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  • 1 decade ago
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    is not a mod, is just a little trick anyone can do it, you need to have a full clip and then press R R X, so right trigger, right trigger and X, you have to do it really fast it takes practice. send me a friend request and i will teach you, gamertag: O MAGICIAN O,,,,,those O are letters not zeros

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ooo thats easy! its called modding. its like hacking inside gaming! u see it get detecded in XBOX live but other wise its pretty hot. Theres a halo 2 modding web site actually where u can fire 100k amo per sec with rocket launcher, its a macro. its called : that otta do it. see that person put on macros to do the double shot battle riffle. or u could just throw a plasma and then u could do double shot!

    Source(s): my self, i pwn XBOX halo2 look at my gamer tab. # 6!
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