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highest cribbage score in one hand?

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    The answer of 29 is correct.

    The highest possible hand (29 points) is: J, 5, 5, 5 with Starter the 5 of the same suit as the Jack. There are four fifteens by combining the Jack with a five (4 x 2 = 8); four fifteens by combining the three Fives (4 x 2 = 8); a Double pair royal counts as 12; His Nobs adds 1 to the total for the maximum score of 29. (If the hand contains the jack of the same suit as the start card, you peg One for his nob.)

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    Highest Cribbage Hand

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    Highest Hand In Cribbage

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    The most you can in a single hand is 29 points. The odds of scoring a 29 are about 1 in 216,580. So if you get one, stop and appreciate the moment.

    (The most I've ever scored is a 28, which has odds of about 1 in 15,000. I'm still waiting for my 29! LOL).

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    Scoring the hand only, since you dont know the details of the other hand for counting, it's 29.

    You have to be dealt 3 fives and the jack from the remaining suit, plus you have to have cut the remaining five

    Source(s): My wife, who can count crib hands faster than superman
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    4 of akind in cribbage

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    While it is technically 29, it is actually 30. you have 4-5's and are cut a "J", giving you 28 plus the bonus 2, before play.

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    the highest score you can achieve in one hand is 29

    You need to be dealt three fives, the jack of the fourth suit, and two other cards neither of which is a five.

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    29 -

    The hand is 4 fives and a jack.

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    the answer is 31. in the game the term "29" is no points because with the scoring system it is not possible to get 29

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