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should i quit my job?

Ok i work in retail. I been working at my job for a year and half,and the district manager asked me if i wanted to be a assistant manager at another store,Of course i said yea.But he said that i would have to work with the other manager to see how we get along i guess. But in the mean time my current manager said that she would have to wait for coverage (More employees) but it's taking to long for me to get this position,if he really wanted me to move up in the company he would of transferd me already am i right? Anyway my husband told me that he would pay me $100 a week helping him with orders on his website (Family Business) And i was woundering should i take him up on his offer? that would save me money on paying daycare. I pay 150 a week for my daughter,i'm making just enough to pay it. But i really hate to quit. but i know i don't see myself working there forever, but i just hate the fact that i have to sit in the house all day. What should i do?

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    Sometimes your employers plans and yours don't coincide with each other. Your employer might not be planning to make a move until after the new year. I would at least wait until say, the second or third week of January and then ask your manager if she's heard any more about it. You need references,

    Don't blow your opportunity to rise to the next level. If you can hold out, sometimes the money isn't the "most" important thing if you might be promoted.

    I always heard that it's always the toughest right before the blessing. I suggest wait and receive your blessing.

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    Do both if you can. If not, go with the rarer of the 2 opportunities, and the one that allows you to best develop the skills, experience and network that will get you your next better paying position.

    Don't assume that your manager has 100% control over when you move. they usually don't. Focus on keeping a assertive but positive attitude in the meantime so you don't sabotage yourself. Sometimes we are made to wait as a test of our "adversity quotient", a key qualification for a "good" manager.

    Good luck.

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    Why sit in the house allday? Surely you could find timne to get out every once in awhile.

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