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someone fool me with a lien car. how do i sell it?

i bougth a car in may 2006, but i didnt speak english very well and i didnt see the car had a lienholder. now i wanna sell the car and i can't. but i never own money to anyone, was the previous owner or someone that fools me. what should i do to get it registred and able to sell? do you think the bank is gonna give me a lies satisfied? thank you!


and worst... i tryed to find the guy who sold the car for me and he dont answer the phone. i'll probably have to do everthing by myself

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    If there is money owned on the car, you may not like the results. Contact the lein holder with the information, year, make, VIN number and ask them if there is money owed. If there is money owed then turhtfully you wont get a lein release with out negotiating a buy out of the lein. If there is no money owed, then the lien holder will likely send you a lein release for free or a small fee. In some staes you can register the car for use, but there will still show a lien on the title and if the leinholder is looking for the car, then they know where to find it. GOood luck

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    i've been here with a quad before. go to the dmv and get a lein release form. you then go to the place where you bought it and have them sign it. then you need to send a copy to the bank's lien release division for them to sign. then get it notirized and take it back to the dmv and shack it like a polaroid picture.

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