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i just got my belly button pirerced 3 days ago and what do i do 4 the ater care?

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    Didn't they give you instructions when you got it pierced? Legally, body piercers are required to give you oral and written instructions for the care of your piercing. First of all, you are going to need a lot of patience. A navel piercing is one of the longest healing piercings there is. It will take 9-12 months before it is COMPLETELY healed. Leave the original piercing jewelry in for the first 3 months. Do not soak it in water for the first 2 months. Take a shower instead of a bath. Two to three times a day you are going to want to clean it (always make sure to do it after a shower so you get out all the shampoo and soap residues as well). Make sure your hands are cleaned with antibacterial soap before you handle your piercing. If you do not have any special cleaning solution that they gave to you (they should offer some for sale), then use a mild soap like Dial. After you clean it and move it, make sure to rinse it with cool clean water very thoroughly and move it back and forth a few more times. Whatever you do, DO NOT use anything like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They are so strong that they can kill the new skin trying to grow inside the piercing. Also, do not use anything like neosporin because it can trap germs inside the hole until you clean it next time.

    Enjoy your new piercing!

    Source(s): Professional tattoo artist and body piercer
  • clean with a non fragrant soap in the shower turning the ring, then stand water & turn the ring to rinse thoroughly. clean it esp after you sweat since it deposits in the belly button. pat dry. dont let it crust up. if you need to put some a&d oitment on it & turn the ring so it doesnt crust & turns easier. above all dont snag it on anything

    never use bactin or betadine

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    You wait til 3 days after the fact to ask that question... ew... haven't you been taking care of it the past three days?

    That's an infection waiting to happen.

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    Soak it in salt water to get rid of the pus and crap, then sterilize it with hydrogen peroxide, but preferrably, do it with the proper formula, because alcohol and hydrogen peroxide will dry your skin out.

    Oh, and after soaking, rotate it (slightly) every day to avoid a bond between the skin and piercing.

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    I got my neck pierced wich is very vulnerable to infection. Bactine is what I was told to use and I had no infection. Apparently the neck usually would get infected, so if it worked for me it should do fine for you. I am not a medical profesional though!!

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    Keep it clean and clean it often. Neosporin is the best to put on it.

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    Neosporin and hydrogen peroxide

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    monitor for signs of infection- swelling, redness,warmth, odor and elevated temp.

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    Didnt they tell you how to take care of it when you got it done??

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