In Madden 07 for PS2, (On Superstar) what is the Madden Tournament Or Bowl?

I had looked at the madden tournament and it turns out that you don't play on your team that you were drafted on on Superstar, but your team is the opponet, so if you win and your team loses, for example my Superstart team is the Steelers and they right now are like 15-0, UNDEFEATED, right, well now I'm in the madden tourney or bowl or whatever and I picked the Jets and now I'm going against the Steelers, and I want to stay UNDEFEATED, so should I let the Steelers win or Win with the Jets, because I'm scared if I win with the Jets, the Steelers would lose a game, But if I win with the Jets, and since I'm playing with them, then my record would still be undefeated with the Steelers.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    win it is just a game your superstar plays / you / and uget a madden bowl win andlike a somthin

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