Problem With Booting Up Windows XP?

I have a problem booting up Windows XP Home Edition SP2:

When i turn it on it loads the compaq thing, then when it gets to the Windows XP screen after a while it stops. The Blue scrolling thing in under the windows XP thing is still going,but my HD activity light stops blinking. I already did system restore when it was in safe mode. ALSO it will only boot right when its in Safe Mode. Its working now,but what can i do to prevent this from happening again?


2.60 Ghz Pentium 4 HT

512 MB System RAM

120 GB HD

Intel Extreme Graphics.

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2


And the Blue thing that scrolls keeps going for more then 10 Minutes. And the HD activity light isn't blinking.

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    I would run a chkdsk to be sure your hard drive is ok. To do this click on start, then run, the type in chkdsk/f. It will probably give a message that says it cannot run now, shall it run on startup, say yes.

    After that, if it still gives you problems, then on boot up push F8 repeatedly. From the menu that comes up, choose restore to last properly working setup.

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    Ok , first either the HD is damage or a bootfile from xp is not loading correctly . Now if your HD has bad sector or a damage track then it will take LONGERRRR why , cause it cant read from that sector . Now if xp has a bad loading driver or corrupt file , then yes it will take longer . Also , sometimes but most of the time , mem can be a problem with this too. If you can find another mem try to replace it and test it ok

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    Considering that you have already did system restore, I think you should better save your files and settings on a removable drive while you can boot in safe mode. Then format and reinstall XP. At least you'll have a working system.

    Good work :)

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    4 years ago

    This: "i actually have a crap load of viruses on it and secret agent ware" "it might desire to be the secret agent ware and viruses" Sounds to me like it might desire to be too overdue to do something yet format and rebuild. despite you do, get some Anti-virus utility. A single virus may well be terrible to not point out "a crap load". not being waiting as nicely in secure mode kinda tricks you would be able to already be watching substantial OS concern. you may try booting off your homestead windows CD and attempting a fix or setting up the OS on a different partition. you would be able to would desire to lookup a thank you to try this in the process the adventure that your unsure. the two way, be waiting to place in virus utility ideal away in case you get it up and working. in case you do not, you will maximum probably basically re-contaminate your equipment (except you format, which will delete each and every thing). sturdy luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well my friends had also the same to the advanced startup menu(press F8 continously once comp starts)...check what message it gives (regarding any file missing..) ...if a file is missing copy it from the xp cd(if u have it) or remove the message from startup by running(Start->Run)-> msconfig command(do not change settings until u r sure abt it!)...else go to Start->Run-> cmd OK...type the followin command : sfc / will verify the file organization is valid...u could also try chkdsk to check the hard disk...please read the provided link.... i hope u r able to fix it...otherwise u culd

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    1 decade ago

    It sounds like some drivers are not compatible with your computer. try to UN install one driver at a time and restart computer after you UN install the driver so the computer will install new driver. if all of that did not solve the problem you have no choice but to format and do clean installation.

    Good Luck

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    1 decade ago

    If possible format the HD and do a new installation

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