Big JROTC inspection... HLP?

I have this REALLY big JRotc inspection comming up to where we find out if we loose our gold star or keep it or get to go to blue star.. ummmmmmmmm well.. part of it is the military chain of command.. does anyone know the military chain of command?! if you do can u post as much of it as possible plz?! and thanks

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    This is too much to copy/paste, but it explains the entire chain of command process.

    good luck with your inspection! :)

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    You don't know your chain of command? They drilled this in my head when I was in army boot camp! But generally it goes like this from the top down

    Commander in chief/ President of the US-George Bush

    Secretary of Defense- It was donald rumsfeld but not any more

    Secretary of the army-

    Chief of staff of the army-

    TRADOC Commander-

    Division/Post Commander

    Brigade Commander-

    Battalion Commander-

    Company Commander-

    First Line Supervisor-

    Then you have your NCO support Channel

    From the Top down

    Sergeant Major of the Army-

    TRADOC Command Sergeant Major-

    Division/Post CSM

    Brigade CSM

    Battalion CSM

    First Sergeant

    Platoon Sergeant

    Now this is for the army. I don't know what type of JROTC you are in (is it for the army?). Each branch of service chain of command will be slightly different but the basic format will be the same (example Chief of staff for another branch, lets say the navy would be Chief of staff of the navy).

    I didn't give names for the rest because I was out of the army since feburary and people that had those titles when I was in the army has changed. Usually the chain of command is posted somewhere. In your normal military unit they'll sometimes have the pictures of the people in the chain of command posted in the enterance of the building somewhere.

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    And when is this inspection? I am sure you have been taught this in JROTC , its one of the basic things you learn as you learn leadership. IT starts with the President, Secretary of Defense, Secetary of the Army, Chief of STaff, Commanding General and goes down to each army, brigade, unit etc. I am attaching one JROTC , the high command is the same, but YOURS will be different.

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    it should be in ur manual in my jrotc we had pictures posted of the chain of command

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